Openmedia undertakes large, small and medium-sized ICT projects for our clients, to which we consistently apply international best practices and complete to the highest degree of professional excellence. Our projects encompass a wide range of ICT related scopes, including the deployment of Information Technology Infrastructure and End-User Equipment, Internet Connectivity, Alternative Energy Power Systems, and Telecommunications projects. We also carry out Technical Assessment and Verification of ICT Equipment for the purpose of evaluating their worth for possible sale or disposal.

We excel in the projects we undertake by applying our knowledge, skills, tools and quality control techniques to project activities in order to achieve project requirements on schedule and within budget. We successfully accomplish our clients’ specific goals through the application and integration of suitable project management methodologies and processes to project activities, and through our steadfast refusal to cut corners.

A sample of the types of ICT projects we have completed for clients so far can be found below:

Turnkey Projects Implementation
  • Turnkey Setup of ICT Centre/Call Centre/Data Centre: Hardware & Software Implementation
  • Network Deployment
  • Alternative Power Supply System
  • Internet Connectivity through VSAT, Fibre, or Wireless
  • Unified Communications Systems
Telecommunications Equipment Assessment, Valuation, & Disposal
  • Equipment Identification and Categorisation
  • Technical Assessment and Verification
  • Financial Valuation
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Repackaging for disposal
  • Disposal of Equipment and Remit of funds to Equipment Owner/Client
Telecommunications Network Expansion
  • Site Build
  • Rural Telephony Projects
  • Alternative Energy Sites
  • Telecommunications Equipment Installation and Maintenance
  • Deployment of Optic Fibre Cable and related Infrastructure